Well-known as the Cathedral of Beauty in Korea, Seokyeong University with Beauty Arts Center and Beauty Arts Center at undergraduate and graduate levels are always the most desirable learning environment for beauty students. In addition to the No. 1 ranking in beauty - hairdressing - spa, Seokyeong University is also a multi-disciplinary university with tuition fees, Korean scholarships and the most affordable majors in Seoul heart. Read More »

Beside university, studying abroad in Canada is the preferred choice of many parents for their children. This form of studying abroad has many outstanding advantages such as low cost, no strict requirements on entry conditions, academic qualifications, open job opportunities, training based on its practical application, ... Let's study with EBI Vietnam in more detail to decide whether to study in Canada or not.Read More »

Urban International High School URBAN (Urban International High School) is always the first choice for young people wishing to study high school in Canada by the quality of prestigious training, as well as the tuition is not too expensive. EBI Vietnam will introduce to you details of this prestigious school of quality training.Read More »

Columbia International College is one of Canada's highly regarded high schools and is also Canada's largest boarding high school. Every year the output of this high school is the prestigious university of Canada and the world. If you are planning to study in high school in Canada in the future, please note the important information in the article below of EBI Vietnam.Read More »

If you are looking for an effective, economical study environment and are not severely influenced by the thought of the university's reputation, you will probably be interested in Green River College. This is an ideal school for all subjects, from high school students to study, to students who want to attend college or college in the US.Read More »

Referring to Seattle, one immediately remembers one of the most livable cities in the world, with cool temperate climate, diverse job opportunities and a developed education system. Regarding education, besides the University of Seattle (City University of Seattle) famous for its expertise certified by prestigious organizations; we can't help but mention The Evergreen State College (Evergreen College) - another longtime partner of EBI Vietnam, especially attractive to those who love science and liberal arts.Read More »

Foothill College (Foothill College) is a community college located in Los Altos Hills, California, USA. Foothill is among the best college system in De Anza. Here, let's learn about the reason why this school was chosen by students to study in the US college system.Read More »

Founded in 1861, Washington University is a public research facility - home to a premier campus located in Seattle, Washington. The school offers 79 departments and 165 majors, and its year is divided into three-month terms - three terms of the school year and one summer term. The school also won the Nobel Prize, over 80 awards from the National Academy of Sciences and over 90 awards from the American Academy of Arts and Sciences.Read More »

Among Ebi Vietnam's prestigious university partners, John F. Kennedy University is always one of the top choices. With a nationally recognized standard program, John F. Kennedy University offers diverse and flexible learning opportunities to help you achieve your personal academic goals as well as to support future career development.Read More »

Seattle - the city has been voted one of the most livable places by the natural beauty of Seattle, by the bustling nightlife and by the wide open career opportunities here. That is also the reason that many international students choose Seattle as a destination to realize their dreams. With the long experience of Ebi Vietnam, the University of Seattle is always one of the trusted and top choice partners for studying in the US. Here are three main reasons why many Vietnamese students in particular and Asia in general choose to study at Seattle University.Read More »