Tuition of the top 10 universities in the world

MIT (US) tuition is 52,520 USD for both domestic and foreign students, while ETH Zurich (Switzerland) only charges about 1,315 USD.

Below are the tuition fees for the 2018-2019 school year of the 10 best universities in the world, ranked by QS.

1. Massachusetts Institute of Technology - MIT (USA)

Tuition fee for the academic year 2018-2019 for undergraduate students both nationally and internationally is $ 52,520 in all majors and programs.

2018-2019 is the 7th time MIT topped the QS World University Rankings (QS World). This is one of five universities in the United States applying the "Need-blind admission" system for both domestic and foreign students. That is, the school will approve the application based on the candidate's ability regardless of financial capacity. This means the school is willing to support the full cost of learning if you convince them to enroll you.

According to information provided by MIT, the university awards more than $ 70 million in scholarships each year and up to 90% of undergraduate students receive financial aid. The average scholarship per MIT student is $ 42,081 / year and the amount each student receives is based on financial need calculations.

2. Stanford University (USA)

Tuition is 50,703 USD with undergraduate students at home and abroad in all study programs. Summer tuition (if selected) is 16,329 USD.

Stanford University applies "Need-blind admission" only to US students. International students should request financial aid consideration at the time of application so that they are not ineligible for grants throughout the course of study.

3. Harvard University (USA)

Tuition is US $ 46,340 for domestic and international undergraduate students in all degree programs.

Like MIT, Harvard University also applies "Need-blind admission" to both domestic and international students. Although federal aid or loans are generally not available to foreign students, the university provides financial aid to about 50% of students and about 55% of undergraduate students receive Harvard scholarships.

4. California Institute of Technology - Caltech (USA)

Tuition is $ 50,487 (plus $ 1,875 required fee) for all students.

Relatively small in size, Caltech is one of the world's leading universities focusing on STEM subjects. To cover the cost of studying at Caltech, students can apply for internal or external grants, loans and scholarships.

5. University of Oxford (United Kingdom)

Tuition for UK and EU students is £ 9,250 (about US $ 12,000).

Tuition for international students is much higher: about $ 42,100 for students studying Computer Science and Engineering (4-year program); about 31,850 USD with Politics or History.

6. University of Cambridge (UK)

Tuition fees for UK and EU students are similar to Oxford University - £ 9,250.

For international students, tuition of Computer Science and Management is about 41,040 USD; Math is about 30,080 USD and History is about 27,000 USD.

Although financial support for international students studying at top UK universities is limited and highly competitive, students can still receive support through a number of national funds and scholarships. It is provided through the British Government, international organizations and sometimes from the government in the student's home country.

7. Swiss Federal Technology Jobs - ETH Zurich (Switzerland)

University and university tuition for Swiss and international students is only around US $ 1,315, including mandatory tuition and semester fee.

ETH Zurich specializes in engineering and natural sciences. The tuition is quite low compared to other countries in the US and UK but the cost of living in Switzerland is very high.

8. Imperial College London - ICL (UK)

Tuition fees for UK and EU students are at £ 9,250 (likely to increase year by year depending on inflation). International students in Computer Science and Engineering must pay about 33,770 USD annually.

At ICL, students can conduct a number of business studies in close cooperation with the university to have the opportunity to receive financial aid because these organizations often sponsor students with particularly high performance; or some private international scholarships for girls in the industry where men are the majority.

9. University of Chicago (USA)

University tuition for both domestic and foreign students in all majors is 55,425 USD.

Although it only provides "Need-blind admission" for students from the US, the University of Chicago is committed to fully meeting the needs of admission students with financial aid and scholarships for international students. Students should apply for this support during the admissions process. The school will automatically consider scholarships for students based on academic performance.

10. University College London - UCL (United Kingdom)

Tuition for UK and EU students is set at £ 9,250. EU students will continue to pay the same fees as UK students for the 2018-2019 school year and for the duration of their studies even after the UK leaves the EU in March 2019.

Tuition for international students in Computer Science and Engineering is about US $ 34,670, Politics and History is about US $ 25,900.

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