Top 10 reasons why your Australian student visa has been denied

If you have an unclear background or provide false documents, your Australian student visa application will not be accepted.

The reasons listed below can help applicants understand why their Australian student visa has been denied.

1. Does not meet financial requirements

If you want to study abroad, you need to have strong financial resources to pay for tuition and other expenses. Depending on the requirements of each school, you need to provide income statement or bank savings book sent before the visa at least 3 months to prove financial.

Savings books must be in the name of you or a family member (parent, sibling) acting as the sponsor.

2. Unemployed or not going to school for a long time

If you don't give a good reason why you quit school or can't find a job in the long run while living in your home country, it's difficult to get a visa. The Australian Government says this is why you don't want to return to your home country after graduation and try to stay in their country.

3. Not understanding the registered course

Some international student visas are denied because of the applicant's ignorance.

If in the interview you cannot talk about what you want to learn and explain why, it shows that you have a superficial attitude in learning or do not really want to pursue an Australian education environment.

4. Providing fraudulent or bogus documents

When you try to change or falsify tax data or personal income information and think Australian immigration officials didn't verify it, you're wrong. Every information you provide will be checked and if the data you provide is different from the data they find, your visa will not be accepted.

5. Select a major that does not correspond to your qualification

If you already have a Bachelor Degree in Hotel Administration, have worked for many years in this field and unexpectedly want to pursue a Bachelor of Accounting in Australia, it will be very difficult to get a visa. When the field you want to study in Australia is not relevant to the field you already have, the authorities will doubt your purpose of study.

6. Fail to pass the requirements of embassy staff

This may sound simple but cause many student visas to be denied. You cannot answer questions about what to do if you are settled in Australia or did not pass a medical examination. This means that you did not provide enough information and did not complete the visa application.

7. There is no specific plan

Anyone who wants to apply for a student visa must have a specific future plan regarding their study in Australia. This will once again help the embassy staff see if you are serious about your study abroad.

8. Lack of English certificate

If you reach 4.5 IELTS and have not retested or achieved 5.0 IELTS from 3 years ago, both of these cases will be denied a student visa. To become an Australian student, you need a minimum of 5.0 IELTS and a certificate issued in less than 2 years.

9. Does not meet health requirements

All Australian student visa applicants must meet some health requirements to qualify for entry into this country.

Medical exams and X-rays are performed by reputable doctors selected by the Australian Immigration Department. The extent of your medical examination depends on many factors such as: the activities you plan to do in Australia, the length of your stay and the country you were in before you arrived.

10. Background not clear

Your visa application will be denied if you have committed multiple crimes or are involved in dangerous criminal groups or have been involved in criticizing and defaming Australia. The behavior and length of time you commit the crime is a concern of the Australian Immigration Department.