The secret to getting the SAT / ACT test scores as expected

To achieve SAT 1,500 or ACT 33 or above, students need a minimum of 150 hours of quality study in about 2.5 years and a good instructor.

Achieving a SAT score above 1,500 or an ACT above 33 is the goal of all students planning to go to college in the United States. In particular, this goal is even more important for those who want to apply for Ivy League or Top 100 US universities (according to the ranking criteria - 2019 U.S. News & World Report Rankings Best Colleges).

The importance of SAT / ACT scores compared to other factors in the admissions process is assessed differently, depending on the admission criteria of each university. However, it is still an irreplaceable factor, which is used to rank a student's academic ability, when making a decision to enroll and award a scholarship.

According to Princeton review, SAT is an entrance test, used by universities when making admissions decisions.

Study time to achieve SAT scores up to 1,500 / 1,600 and ACT up to 33/36

Many statistics in the world about the relationship between exam preparation hours and the increase in score. The average number that is recognized by many is that: every hour of exam preparation will increase by 3 SAT or 0.1 ACT score. But be aware, an exam preparation here should be interpreted as a quality and methodical lesson.

IvyAchievement Vietnam representative said that in fact, the average SAT / ACT score of Vietnamese students is usually at 900 - 1,000 points for SAT or 21-22 points for ACT. Thus, in order to achieve SAT 1,500 or ACT 33 or above, students need to ensure a minimum of 150 hours of quality study. If each SAT / ACT course lasts 20 hours, students need to complete at least 7 courses.

Experience of many teachers, one week for students to spend only one hour SAT / ACT in class, to reduce pressure load and ensure homework time. Thus, if based on the above criteria, 7 courses need to last for at least 2.5 years. If students start taking the SAT / ACT exam as soon as they enter grade 10, students will complete 3 courses at the end of grade 10 (one for semester I, one for semester II, one for summer). Similarly for grade 11 and all seven courses will end up at the end of the first term of grade 12 - which is also the time to apply for admission to the US university.

Thus, SAT / ACT test preparation when students enter grade 10 is an appropriate route for students planning to study in the US.

The secret to ensuring SAT / ACT exam results as expected

SAT / ACT is a standardized test of the United States. As such, this is an advantage for students from English-speaking countries. "How can Vietnamese students compete with global students?" is a question many parents and students are concerned about.

Hard work, hard work, intelligence, determination, all of these are necessary but not sufficient to ensure high results. As many students have achieved absolute SAT / ACT scores, the most important thing is that you need an excellent instructor.

According to IvyAchievement Vietnam, studying in Vietnam but still being trained by a teacher from Harvard University will be a valuable investment of parents for their children in the global competition, getting high scores in the exam. this standardization.

"In fact, Americans who have achieved perfect SAT / ACT scores and attended prestigious American universities are reliable instructors who help students achieve their expected results," IvyAchievement Vietnam adds.

Benjamin Hoffner-Brodsky, SAT / ACT examining instructor of IvyAchievement, is a sophomore at Harvard University. He has scored an absolute score on both the SAT and the ACT. He spent four years researching to find out the most accurate approach for the two SAT / ACT test questions from the perspective of the test taker, exam trainer and test writer.