Did you know that, in Norway and Finland, you can complete a bachelor's degree at a public university for free, regardless of where you come from? Norway has a very small fee, about US $ 50 - US $ 100 per semester, but that gives you benefits like on-campus medical services, sports facilities and on-site discounts. Public transport and for cultural events. You can also get a free university degree in Sweden or Denmark, as long as you can: A citizen of a country in the EU (European Union), A citizen of a country in the EEA (European Economic Area), A citizen of Switzerland A person participating in an exchange program. Read More »

Finland is a Nordic country, bordering Sweden, Norway, Russia and Estonia. Except for the alpine region in the Northwest, most of the rest of Finland is lowlands. In particular, Finland is one of the countries with the most lakes in the world, with a total of 50,000 lakes and Saimaa is the largest lake with a width of 4,400 km2.Read More »

Why is studying in Switzerland the most appropriate option at this time? Currently, when the Visa policy of countries is tightening, studying in Switzerland is always more convenient and easier than ever. No need for IELTS. No need to prove financially, you can fully set foot in Europe conveniently. Without stopping in Europe, you can travel to 28 countries without a Visa. So apart from the above favorable conditions, Switzerland is still the number 1 by:Read More »

Did you know that according to the statistics of the Netherlands Education Promotion Organization - Nuffic, the 2018-2019 academic year has more than 112,000 international students from over 160 countries and territories studying in the Netherlands, including More than 81,000 full-time students attend short-term courses. This has shown the strong attraction of Dutch education. There are 2 admission periods (February and September) for students who want to apply to study programs in the Netherlands. But before that, you need to prepare the Dutch student visa application before the course starts about 6 months….Read More »

Scholarship to study in the UK is something not to be missed, it always attracts attention as well as motivates the efforts of students and students in studying. However, it is not easy to get a scholarship for yourself, because the number of scholarships is often limited while the number of students who want to get the scholarship is very large. Therefore, to succeed on the path of UK scholarship hunting, you need to make endless efforts.Read More »

As you know, England is one of the countries chosen by Vietnamese young people in the world and in general in the world in general. For the process of studying abroad smoothly, what do you need to prepare, how to study abroad? Here, VALINK study abroad company would like to provide the necessary procedures when studying in the UK, helping you have an overview and take the right steps in the process of studying in the UK to save time. time and cost.Read More »

Do not worried! In fact, the time to study in the UK is very short, you can save a lot of cost of living expenses while studying in the UK. Besides, the scholarship policy and opportunities to work in the UK are extremely rich. Therefore, you absolutely can study English at the most reasonable cost.Read More »

In addition to studying in Canada, a college system is also a great choice, especially when you want to study abroad for a shorter time. Colleges in Canada are often smaller in size than universities, and the curriculum is also more focused on practice. If you have yet to find a satisfactory college to study in Canada, please refer to the list provided by EBI in this article.Read More »

Education is one of the top concerns of the Government and Canadians and it is also a country that invests heavily in education (on a per capita basis) basis compared to countries in the Organization for Development and Cooperation. Economic (OECD) and also the highest among the G8 countries. In addition, Canada owns many prestigious universities and is known as one of the most livable places in the world and increasingly attracts many international students. Let's EBI learn about the appeal of this top education!Read More »

The United States and Canada are the two countries with the most developed education in North America and the world. Studying from high school in these two countries will bring significant advantages for international students when applying to quality universities later. Besides, the aspects of: life skills, knowledge, thinking, the ability to adapt to a new living environment, etc. are also increasingly cultivated and improved.Read More »