Reasons for slowing down your child's overseas study journey

Many parents think that their children only learn English well but skip soft skills training, or leave everything to study abroad centers completely ...

In order for their children to study abroad in an advanced educational institution, many parents come to the study abroad center in exchange for a guarantee. However, according to Taleed Company representatives, parents need to avoid the following 3 misconceptions to not delay their child's overseas study.

Ability to pass 100% when going to an overseas study consultancy

The one who always wants his children to study abroad, Ms. K.O. (Tan Binh District, Ho Chi Minh City) decided to take his children to a Dutch study abroad consultancy and scholarship company. She said: "So don't worry, the children of your friends will only be able to study abroad by the company. As much as I can afford to pay, as long as my children can definitely study abroad."

Like Ms. K.O., many parents mistakenly believe that only needing a study abroad center, their children will surely enter prestigious schools. In fact, the hunt for a scholarship or the success of distance learning depends on many factors such as academic results, financial records, the need for admission of the university ... So each has many The parents were surprised and disappointed when they spent a lot of money to the consulting company to prepare the documents for their children but they did not have the desired results.

The overseas study company takes full responsibility for the child's results

Many parents said that when they signed a contract with an oversea study company, that company would be fully responsible if their children did not perform well. The role of overseas study companies in the market today is more like "guide" than "substitute". These companies set out the right route for each candidate, helping them hunt for scholarships; advice necessary procedures, interview experience; provide information about where the student is going; English training ...

"Guide" helps you go faster and make fewer mistakes. However, whether or not a scholarship is hunted depends much on the learning efforts of each person.

Nguyen Q.V. - Student care staff of an oversea study company said: "We provide a suitable route for each child, trying to follow closely in the preparation of the application. I give up, do not focus on improving my English or are absent from the interview we have arranged ... Once, in my application to the school in the US, I needed a self-introduction video in English, Even though I recorded more than 10 times, because the student was not prepared according to the instructions, not serious with the set schedule, the introduction did not achieve the desired results ... ".

Studying abroad is easy for those who really want and have the determination to study abroad, know the effort, and it is also difficult because they have to maintain that effort for a long time, especially when it is not their aspiration. Member, which is the parent's.

Just good at English is enough

More than 80% of parents think that good at English is able to study abroad because all international students require IELTS. In fact, this view is not wrong, but not completely right. Good at English is not enough, but also must invest to have good academic results, good soft skills and the ability to adapt quickly to the new environment. English is just a means for students to communicate and listen to lectures, exchange lessons in class.

"I was shocked when I came here. Although I am very confident with IELTS 7.0, I still have difficulty because my soft skills are too weak. I do not know how to study and work in groups effectively. It took a semester to do. acquainted, "said Bich T., an international student in Finland.

"If you want your child to study abroad, work with an overseas study company to find a suitable path, encourage your child to make more efforts and improve soft skills, along with preparing documents," he said. , she ... shared.