How to choose accommodation when studying abroad?

If you want to be close to the school, you can live in a dormitory. To explore the local culture, homestay is the most reasonable choice.

International students will be lucky if some programs or scholarship packages arrange accommodation for. If you have to find accommodation while studying abroad, the Educations page offers some suggestions.


In Western countries, if you register at a hostel, the management will arrange for you to share a room with people of the same age. Each school will have its own dormitory rules, but most of the kitchen and bathroom areas will be shared.

The advantage of this type is the low cost and being very close to the school. For those who like to connect and expand relationships, dormitories are a good choice for making friends. However, living in the same space with people from different cultures can make it difficult to adapt and have no privacy.


Homestay is the ideal type for those who want to learn and immerse themselves in the local culture. You will experience this by living with a local family or person. Depending on the agreement between the international student and the host, the homestay price will vary.

Choosing a homestay is the type of residence when studying abroad, you will not need to worry about furniture decoration because the landlord helps you. Homestay will also take away some of your private space if you do not have a private room, but this is still the fastest way to help you integrate into a new culture.


In all types of residence, apartments help you have the most private, comfortable and independent space. The rent is not cheap, so if you want to save money, you can invite one or two other friends to stay with. Finding an apartment and furniture shopping will be more difficult than staying at a hostel or homestay, you should contact the university's international student support unit for assistance.

Every time you look at an address of any accommodation, to avoid being cheated, you need to carefully read the review of the tenant first, then go to Google to find out whether the posted room image is legal or not.

Regardless of the type you choose, your first priority is your own safety. You should consider based on your financial capacity as well as the pros and cons of each type of accommodation to choose the most suitable. Appropriate accommodation can bring comfort, maximum support for international students in the process of living and studying abroad.