6 steps to prepare for the SAT

You need to understand the structure of the test, make a specific study plan, and be familiar with various types of ...

Learn the exam structure

Before taking the SAT, you should be familiar with the content and structure of the test. An SAT has two main parts: Reading, Writing and Math. The third part is Essay Writing (optional).

Reading - Writing is divided into the Reading test, followed by Writing and Language. Math also consists of two parts, one for using computers and the other for not.

Know your starting point

It's pointless to plan your studies from scratch if you don't know what to study. The knowledge and skills for the SAT are varied, so only a few students need to study each part in depth. Experience, strengths and courses will determine what content you have done well and which content needs further review.

Make a specific study plan

A specific study plan is an individual plan that involves each step - from the beginning to the end. To get started, set the actual score. Then, use the target score to shape the learning. When coming to the American Study Center, students will be advised on the appropriate roadmap and exam preparation strategies to achieve the desired score in a short time.

Some important skills, such as appropriate time management, may include skim skills for the Reading test, answering questions when you take the Writing and Language tests, skipping difficult questions and returning. again at the end of the Math test.

Know how to use the computer

The College Board asserts that the entire SAT can be completed without the use of a computer, so you may not need it for every part of the computer license. However, use a familiar calculator when you know it will increase your performance or help you make your calculations more accurate.

Go to extra class

If you want to improve your skills, find tutors. Instructors can focus on what you need, but this type is often expensive. Through seminars or face-to-face counseling at the center, experienced experts from The Princeton Review will share tips and strategic advice to achieve high scores on the SAT / ACT exams, apply for scholarships , financial assistance and appropriate sector selection.

Familiarize yourself with many types of topics

In addition to distributing, familiarizing yourself with time pressure, jobs help you familiarize yourself with the types of difficult questions on the SAT, more confident in the main test. Use a stopwatch to get used to the time limit and try to speed up your work so you have time to answer all the questions. After completing each test, check answers and spend a lot of time to consider the questions you were wrong.

Standardized and English tests play an important role in studying abroad. Not only that, getting high scores on ACT and SAT exams is the key for students to win valuable scholarships.

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