5 tips to improve SAT writing test scores

Knowing the skills tested in writing, understanding the format of the test, mastering grammar ... is what students need to note.

For many students, SAT is an important part of the college admissions process. In fact, increasing SAT scores is entirely possible and there are many ways to help you achieve the desired. American Study offers 5 tips to help you improve your SAT writing score effectively.

Know the skills tested in the writing section

To focus on improving your score in the SAT section, you need to understand what part of the test assesses what skills. According to the College Board, the SAT writing and language section assesses your skills against five main criteria. Include:

Data analysis: In this section, you have the task of improving how information is developed and communicated. You can develop an argument or clarify additional details.

Words in context: These questions often assess vocabulary because you have to choose words that match your tone or style. You can also choose more precise or concise words.

Historical - social sciences and science analysis: With these types of questions, you will read texts on historical topics, social studies, and science with critical views and making decisions. Editorial plan to improve them.

Express your ideas: Questions that assess your skills in this criterion often focus on how you organize your ideas, change the structure of the paragraph and how the structure of the paragraph makes its impact.

Standard English Rules: In this section, you return to the basics of sentence structure, punctuation, and grammar rules.

Mastering the above issues, your score in this SAT will increase significantly.

Understand the exam format

Some students are often "stumbled" by the format of the written SAT and the language. The reason is that the visual presentation of the test is not easy to follow. This means you have to look through many times between the paragraph and the question.

You can easily overcome this by doing lots of practice exercises to get used to the ordered questions and realize that you don't need to read the whole paragraph to answer them. Because the questions tell you specifically the lines they mention. You usually only need to read a single sentence to answer a specific question, especially if it involves grammar.

Master the grammar

For grammar, one of the easiest ways to increase your score is to master basic grammar. These are usually quite simple rules that you can learn in a relatively short amount of time.

The most important grammar sections in this section of the SAT are: punctuation, sentence structure, regular expressions, subject-verb harmony, possessive words. While there are many other grammatical rules that often appear in the SAT, these core rules make up the majority of your grammar test questions. In fact, these skills tests account for nearly 80% of grammar questions in written and language exams.

Good time management

An important factor in mastering writing and the SAT language is knowing how to take the test quickly. Therefore, speed is the key.

In this section, there are four different paragraphs with 44 multiple choice questions and you only have 25 minutes to complete. To do this, you should do each paragraph for 8 minutes, taking 3 minutes to review at the end of the hour. Please check the time after finishing two paragraphs.

To master the time, you need to answer the questions while reading. Reading the passage first and then returning to answer the questions will waste a lot of time.

You should not try to do questions that you cannot easily understand. You have less than a minute for each question and a lot less if you need to read the important parts of a paragraph. If you do not understand a question, try to guess the answer and move on to the next question.

Understand the error

After each training session, you should review your mistakes and categorize them. By understanding your mistakes, you will be able to avoid repeating such mistakes later. You should not skip a problem without understanding the type of errors you make and what you can do to improve them.

To achieve the desired results, American Study hopes you can skillfully apply the above tips to improve your writing scores and SAT language.

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