UK scholarship hunt - The secret to success

Scholarship to study in the UK is something not to be missed, it always attracts attention as well as motivates the efforts of students and students in studying. However, it is not easy to get a scholarship for yourself, because the number of scholarships is often limited while the number of students who want to get the scholarship is very large. Therefore, to succeed on the path of UK scholarship hunting, you need to make endless efforts.

If you have the dream of coming to the UK to experience life and education in the West, do not miss this opportunity!

The most important thing is to prepare the knowledge base very well
Knowledge of the English level is considered a prerequisite for successful UK scholarship. Once you have decided to study abroad, you must make an effort to have a good study record. The school will rely on the level of English and the total results of the last year to consider scholarships. Therefore, the IELTS score (required in the UK) as possible and the higher the study score will be a great advantage for you on the path to conquering a UK study abroad scholarship.

Actively participate in activities
The UK is very fond of students who not only have good academic achievements but also have to be very active in life. Participating in social activities, volunteering or clubs ... all help you become more confident and active. Being actively involved, especially if you have a high level of achievement in those activities, is a perfect way to earn extra points for UK scholarship hunters.

Learn about scholarships through many channels of information
There are many channels of information for you to find out about UK study abroad scholarships such as the university's website, study abroad fairs, study abroad exhibitions or study abroad. Normally, on the official website, schools will regularly update scholarship information for international students, as well as scholarship eligibility.

Learn about scholarships through many channels of information

Therefore, please research carefully the information to get the scholarship option that suits you best.

Prepare a good record
A set of your files must always have a transcript (should be in English); IELTS certificate. On paper, it is necessary to have Motivation Letter (to convince employers that you want a scholarship to study in the UK and why they should give you a scholarship); CV, this document along with Motivation Letter must unify and support each other. Finally the Reference Letter, so please recommend this letter to the principal of the school you are studying or for a highly educated person.

Prepare to do a good job on the scholarship exam
Scholarship exams usually have 2 tests: one is in Math in English, or in Math in logic and sometimes there are questions about social sciences; The second is to write some treatises in English. When writing an essay, you should get straight to the point, write one whole thing down to the other line ... Remember to add "linking words" like furthermore, however ... to increase the link for the article. If you encounter social debate issues, you should both agree and reject and conclude the solution.

After taking the written exam there is always an interview followed. When interviewing, there are basic things such as attentions about clothes, style, body language, you need to understand. In addition, it is necessary to speak fluently, think fast and speak quickly, avoiding hesitation that annoys the interviewer. If they ask 1, they should expand the problem, give them information 10.

Filing on time
This may seem like everyone knows but you need to be very careful. Please check your profile carefully and do not forget the time to receive scholarship applications.

Above are some tips and practical experience of hunting UK scholarships for Vietnamese students who have gone to study abroad, hoping to bring a little useful for you. Good luck!

Before studying abroad in the UK, you need to determine which school you want to study

Step 1: Choose the right school and course

Before studying in the UK, you need to determine which school you want to study with the course that suits your needs.

Step 2: Procedures to apply for an invitation

After choosing the right course, you need to provide the following documents to apply for admission, including: Passport, latest degree, highest transcript (transcript), other certificates (if any) , English language proficiency test (IELTS, TOEFL ...), a letter of recommendation from the instructor (or workplace), an essay about himself and a resume.

Step 3: The school will issue an offer of admission

Depending on each student's profile, there will be 2 types of conditional or unconditional invitations.

Step 4: . Apply for a Visa

After receiving confirmation from the student, the school will send a confirmation letter (CAS) to the student. The minimum waiting time for Visa results is 15 working days. To apply for a Visa you need to prepare the admission documents as mentioned above, in addition you need:

- 2 4x6 passport photos of white background (taken within the last 6 months)
- Certificate of employment, sponsor's income.
- Business registration (If sponsors have their own businesses)
- 1 bank savings book for at least 28 days in the name of the student or the student's parent
- 1 certificate of savings book balance issued by the bank
- Registration book
- Birth certificate (in the case of savings books in the name of the parent)
- Property ownership papers: red book, house purchase contract, land purchase.
- Financial guarantee commitment of the sponsor for the student going to school

Note: All above documents must be translated into English.

Step 5: Register your residence & prepare to leave

Once you have been granted a visa, you will be assisted to register for accommodation, the airport pick-up service required by the student and send information before the departure date to the student.

Step 6: Enter the school

International students will be guided by the international student support department at the school to complete the procedures:

-  Admission
- Advice to open an account, register to use the phone.
- Making student cards, library cards.
- Answer questions
- Provide necessary contact information

The above are important steps to prepare your application for studying in the UK. VALINK with seasoned experience, we are confident to bring you the most useful advice.

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