The necessary admission procedures in the UK

British education has long been regarded as a global brand. The quality of education here probably does not need much introduction. VALINK would like to send to parents and students who are looking forward to studying in the UK. The necessary admission procedures in the UK - As you know, England is one of the countries chosen by Vietnamese young people in the world and in general in the world in general. For the process of studying abroad smoothly, what do you need to prepare, how to study abroad?

Here, VALINK study abroad company would like to provide the necessary procedures when studying in the UK, helping you have an overview and take the right steps in the process of studying in the UK to save time. time and cost.

1. What are the necessary UK study procedures?
To study abroad in the UK, you first need to ensure the following basic procedures:

- Graduated from high school or above (if studying abroad in high school, this condition is not allowed to consider)
- English proficiency
- Having all necessary financial evidences

Documents that need to be prepared before studying in the UK: You want to study in the UK, you need to make sure that there is a UK school that invites you to study and has a certificate such as:

- UK student passport
- Application form
- Transcript
- Certifications of other courses
- Introducing letter
- Certificate of financial capacity, that you can afford while studying abroad
- Health certificate certified by a reputable medical facility
- Application fee (as prescribed)
- Documents related to guarantors
- Results of interview with guarantor
- Competency tests in host countries
- Procedures for a UK student visa

The procedure for studying in the UK when applying for a visa is quite complicated and difficult for many of you. There are some people who fail to get a visa interview several times. One of the reasons is that the preparation of UK admission documents is not sufficient.

Normally, after applying for admission, if you are considered for admission, you will be granted a visa on behalf of the school. Working time of Visa department is from Monday to Friday (excluding holidays). After applying for about 5 days, you will be granted a Visa, in some cases, you have to consider after 5 days.

2. The UK enrollment exams
There are 4 main periods of enrollment, in January, April, July and October. The time for UK study procedures is usually 4 to 6 months before the admission time. You need to follow the schedule of the enrollment unit that you are registered to be able to prepare and complete the admissions process in the UK on time.

For support on the procedures for admission in the UK in a timely and orderly manner, you should come to VALINk study abroad counseling center to get the most accurate advice and advice.

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