Studying in Switzerland is the most reasonable choice

Why is studying in Switzerland the most appropriate option at this time? Currently, when the Visa policy of countries is tightening, studying in Switzerland is always more convenient and easier than ever. No need for IELTS. No need to prove financially, you can fully set foot in Europe conveniently. Without stopping in Europe, you can travel to 28 countries without a Visa. So apart from the above favorable conditions, Switzerland is still the number 1 by:

Study in Switzerland in 2019 the most reasonable choice

As one of the European countries with a large number of international students studying and working, Switzerland attracts students around the globe not only because it is a country of famous watch brands, large international banks. , but also because of the special features that only the Swiss education system and country have.

Peaceful living environment
In Switzerland, if one morning you leave your house and you forgot to lock the door, don't worry because this country is one of the lowest crime rates in the world. Unlike some other countries in Europe with unstable political and security, the country of small and peaceful watches, a country with a very effective government mechanism, open policies The door is quite friendly; is a country with close diplomatic relations with a series of countries in the world. As a result, Switzerland has a near-zero political instability rate and the number of riots is very low. This is really an ideal choice, reassuring parents when their children study away from home.

Multilingual countries have developed economies
As a country without natural resources, Switzerland develops its economy with a highly qualified labor force, including key economic sectors, holding important positions around the globe such as: tourism, hotel business, financial services - banking, manufacturing watches and jewelry. Every Swiss product brought to the world is the result of scientific technology with a high content of gray matter. Living and studying in a country with strong economic development provides valuable experiences and lessons for Vietnamese students to have a realistic and deeper look at the problem of enriching their homeland and the country. yourself.

Switzerland is a multilingual country with 4 languages ​​spoken mainly: French, German, English, Italian, and Spanish. A Swiss can speak 2.3 different languages ​​completely. The richness of the language is also an interesting feature that attracts international students to this friendly country.
Education focuses on practice.

Training and learning model (one theoretical semester, one internship of 4-6 months), Swiss training schools not only create conditions for students to have more income to cover tuition fee but also help you have the most practical knowledge about the major you are studying, creating a solid foundation for future work Students studying in Switzerland can learn many foreign languages ​​at the same time in school to improve their foreign language skills to meet industry needs.

More specifically, in Hospitality Management, students will get paid internships at leading hotels in Switzerland and other European countries. Internship period is 4-6 months / year with revenues. enter about 2200 USD / term, after paying students and subtracting other living expenses will save 1000-1400 USD / month. With an internationally recognized qualification and equipped soft skills and knowledge, the competitive advantage of students studying in the country of watches is immense.

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