Hong Kong University of Science and Technology holds the leading position; Nanyang Technological University (Singapore) ranked third. In 2019, Times Higher Education (THE) gathered data to rank more than 300 universities under 50. The organization believes that besides the names that have existed for decades and dominated many world university rankings such as Oxford, Cambridge or Harvard, parents and students can turn their attention to schools. young "and quality.Read More »

Many parents think that their children only learn English well but skip soft skills training, or leave everything to study abroad centers completely ... In order for their children to study abroad in an advanced educational institution, many parents come to the study abroad center in exchange for a guarantee. However, according to Taleed Company representatives, parents need to avoid the following 3 misconceptions to not delay their child's overseas study.Read More »

You do not have to pay any tuition fees when doing research students in Germany or Finland, countries with many world-class schools. Do you want to be a PhD student in a world-leading quality place without having to pay a heavy financial burden? If yes, consult the list of countries listed by the Top Universities below. These are 5 countries with many world-renowned educational institutions, and help you pursue research for free or at a relatively low cost.Read More »

If you want to be close to the school, you can live in a dormitory. To explore the local culture, homestay is the most reasonable choice. International students will be lucky if some programs or scholarship packages arrange accommodation for. If you have to find accommodation while studying abroad, the Educations page offers some suggestions.Read More »

It's not just the rich who can study and make friends with international students that aren't as difficult as many people think. Your journey to study abroad will be less arduous if you remove the misconceptions and have the following myth: 1. Studying abroad is only for the rich Studying anywhere costs a certain fee, even if you're just around the corner to study. Studying abroad, of course, is expensive and people with better conditions will easily pay for it. But with the current development of education, you can completely study abroad thanks to financial aid.Read More »

According to a survey of 20,000 international students, New Zealand is the most popular study abroad destination this year. In early July, Educations, an online information site for students, published a list of top countries to study abroad based on a survey of 20,000 international students with seven criteria including: experience a new culture, ability to achieve career goals, discoverable journeys, the ability to make friends and expand social relationships, access to education with good teaching quality, ability to support tuition fees and apply for a visa.Read More »

Before studying abroad, I worked for a joint venture company between Vietnam and Australia, interacting with many Australians. I paid attention to learn about kangaroo culture through books, movies and newspapers. Percentage of hearing not equal to a see, I travel a few weeks in this country, but like riding horses to see flowers. Knowledge and experience that is only local, superficial. When I came to Australia as a student at Victoria University, I was unable to avoid culture shocks.Read More »

Since I was young, I wanted to study abroad, but because my family did not have the conditions, it was not until later when I graduated from Ho Chi Minh City University of Science and Technology in Chemistry, then worked for 4 years, I was able to save. a little luggage to pack on the road to study. When I arrived in Australia, I determined that to have a place in society, I must have outstanding academic achievements to compensate for my background from a developing country and speak poorly English.Read More »

Australian National University continues to hold the leading position in Australia's top university rankings in 2020. The rankings are given by QS based on the criteria: academic reputation, employer reputation, faculty / student ratio, number of scientific citations per lecturer, and international faculty ratio. and the percentage of international students.Read More »