The Writing and Language section of the SAT requires you to be fluent in grammar and how to use English effectively. The Writing and Language section of the SAT requires you to be fluent in grammar and how to use English effectively. This section consists of 44 sentences in 35 minutes - you have less than a minute to complete each question. The following tips will help you overcome this section effectively.Read More »

A specific study plan is an individual plan that involves each step - from the beginning to the end. To get started, set the actual score. Then, use the target score to shape the learning. When coming to the American Study Center, students will be advised on the appropriate roadmap and exam preparation strategies to achieve the desired score in a short time. Some important skills, such as appropriate time management, may include skim skills for the Reading test, answering questions when you take the Writing and Language tests, skipping difficult questions and returning. again at the end of the Math test.Read More »

Knowing the skills tested in writing, understanding the format of the test, mastering grammar ... is what students need to note. For many students, SAT is an important part of the college admissions process. In fact, increasing SAT scores is entirely possible and there are many ways to help you achieve the desired. American Study offers 5 tips to help you improve your SAT writing score effectively.Read More »

From fall 2020, the ACT standardized test will have three changes that are considered beneficial to test takers when using the exam results to apply for college admission. ACT and SAT are two standardized tests used by most US universities to assess candidates during the admissions process. The ACT exam structure has four sections: English, Reading, Math and Science. In addition, candidates who choose ACT Plus Writing should take an additional Writing test. Read More »

Students can develop a plan to prepare for the SAT as soon as they receive the PSAT score and need to concentrate on studying. Since 2017, the PSAT test is designed to have content and format that closely adheres to the SAT, maximizes scores to 1,600 and is the required test before preparing for the SAT. Here are 3 steps to help candidates understand the score of PSAT and prepare effective tactics for the SAT.Read More »

What is the SAT? First, in order to know how good SAT scores are for students, we need to understand what is SAT? The SAT (Schoolastic Assessment Test) is an exam designed to assess high school students in the process of enrolling in a university in the United States. The SAT was designed by the Education Testing Service (Education Testing Center) at the request of College Board of the US Department of Education. In the US, besides the SAT, there is also the ACT (American College Testing) and the number of students taking the SAT and the ACT are almost equal. Nearly 6,000 American universities and colleges, most of them require SAT or ACT.Read More »

Through an essay (Personal Statement or Essay) is the only way for Admissions Council to understand students without meeting face-to-face. As the most important factor in the application file for a famous school and also the only thing for students to express themselves, a good essay really takes time and effort to prepare. In order to make a mark with the Admissions Council, the essay needs to be perfect about how to use the language, accurately represent the writer, and show professionalism.Read More »

You will be asked to listen to 4 to 6 lectures each with 6 questions and 2 to 3 conversations, each with 5 questions. The listening time is 60 minutes for the short version and 90 minutes for the long version with a total of 34 to 51 questions equivalent to each.Read More »

TOEFL is a language test, a foreign language that is not used daily, and it is academic, of course, it is not easy. To help you visualize the difficulty of the Reading section of the TOEFL test, from which you can find an approach to conquering it, we share helpful analysis and methods.Read More »

When starting to practice SAT, the part that makes you feel the most trouble is Reading (reading section). Within 65 minutes you will have to read 5 readings based on literature, history, social or scientific issues, and answer 52 questions. Questions require you to carefully analyze information of all types, word / phrase definitions in context, why the author uses this detail, identifying the main topic of the reading ... All in English Brother. This volume makes you overwhelmed and often frantic in the last read when not allocated enough time.Read More »