1. VoiceTube The name tell everythings. This is one of the great apps for learning English. This software has many short clips with translators to help you improve from basic to advanced level. This App also has a nice feature that allows you to save learned vocabulary into a collection, so in the long run, you will have a treasure of vocabulary. 2. Spotlight Spotlight provides news listening with a standard and slow voice, so it's easy to listen to. Each lesson has a moderate length so it is suitable for daily practice. There will be 7 updated songs every week so please rest assured to practice.Read More »

English plays an important role in overseas study. Moreover, achieving high marks in English is the key for students to receive valuable scholarships. American Study is one of America's leading SSAT / ACT / SAT / IELTS / TOEFL exam preparation and study abroad advisory organizations. With American exam preparation technology and curriculum, American Study has helped many students achieve high standards on standardized tests. The American Study teachers are carefully selected and trained according to The Princeton Review USA standards. The teachers have graduated from top 10-20 universities in the US and have many years of experience in teaching, exam preparation and studying abroad for international students.Read More »

To achieve SAT 1,500 or ACT 33 or above, students need a minimum of 150 hours of quality study in about 2.5 years and a good instructor. Achieving a SAT score above 1,500 or an ACT above 33 is the goal of all students planning to go to college in the United States. In particular, this goal is even more important for those who want to apply for Ivy League or Top 100 US universities (according to the ranking criteria - 2019 U.S. News & World Report Rankings Best Colleges).Read More »

Misuse of prepositions such as "for", "on", "at" seems to be a small mistake in the essay but can cause your study abroad record to lose points. A member of the international marketing team at King's College London (UK) thinks that grammar writing is a must in personal essays. An erroneous essay will make readers think the writer is incompetent and unprofessional, regardless of how proficient they are in their field. It will certainly be a disadvantage for the applicant if the essay is compared to other better posts.Read More »

Hannah Morrish, manager, study advisor in the UK, advises students not to use cliché words like "passion", "burning desire" in the essay. Many students worry about writing an essay that introduces themselves to the study abroad record because they must first write something about themselves in order for a stranger to understand their personality, who they are.Read More »

Elijah Ben (British national) is fluent in French, Japanese, Portuguese and Jewish. During 10 years of teaching English in Japan, he summarized 9 common mistakes. Learning new languages ​​is not easy and requires a lot of effort and perseverance. Recall how much time you spent mastering your language. The most important thing is not to give up and keep learning habits.Read More »

As the Ambassador of Babbel's language learning application, Matthew Youlden in Berlin, Germany, can speak 9 languages, understand more than 10 other languages. During the TEDxTalks lecture, Matthew shared a simple method of learning a foreign language, which can be applied to all languages.Read More »

To start your first week abroad, think about the situations you will encounter. For example, if you go astray, the topic you need to study is going for a walk around the city, public transport, and city sightseeing. Want to eat, you need to see lessons related to ordering food, going to the supermarket. Or if you want to make friends, you need to know how to ask personal, family and friends questions.Read More »

When studying many groups of foreign language learners at more than 50 schools around the world, Education First discovered wrong views and perceptions. The pace of learning depends on the individual, but survey data shows that people from countries who speak two or more languages ​​in the education system will learn faster than learners from countries that use them only. one language. That means that someone who is fluent in two languages ​​will be easier to learn a third language because the brain is ready to learn and use another language.Read More »

As an English tutor, Brenda Savoie (living in Canada) shares eight non-traditional but highly effective methods of learning foreign languages. In the personal information section, share that you are trying to learn a foreign language, switch the language of the dating app into the country where you are learning the language and converse with the people you feel fit.Read More »