10 tips to help increase TOEFL iBT test score

Taking care of reading books, taking courses on TOEFL, learning to write essays in English ... are notes to help candidates increase their test scores.

TOEFL is one of the challenging English proficiency test for students wishing to study in America. The following tips will be a great help for candidates during the TOEFL test to realize their dream of studying abroad.

Understand the TOEFL iBT

TOEFL is a test of English proficiency in the academic environment in English-speaking countries, organized by the American Educational Testing Service (ETS), with four skills including reading, listening, speaking and writing. .

The maximum score for the test is 120, which corresponds to a maximum score of 30. Each university will require a separate score. Sometimes universities require a clear score for each part of the test, for example to get 24/30 points for the speaking section. Before taking TOEFL preparation courses, find out about the university you want to apply and the required score.


If it is your first time taking the TOEFL test, you should spend 6 months to 1 year to prepare. When taking the TOEFL test on a computer, you need to make sure you really feel familiar with everything, knowing the structure of the section questions in each section. Candidates also need to know the most appropriate answer methods for each individual question.

Candidates should not start this process alone. Look for a reference book, take a TOEFL course. You will have people who can assist in editing your pronunciation, assessing your speaking and writing skills. Talk to someone who has taken the TOEFL test or consult with anyone who has taken this TOEFL exam preparation course.

Read and listen to everything

Candidates will have to read passages and listen to scholarly lectures on topics ranging from Astronomy, American History to Psychology and Biology.

During the TOEFL exam preparation, candidates reading and listening to things you are passionate about and interested in will not help you achieve the desired score. Get out of the "safe zone" and start challenging yourself with more new topics, to help maximize your current English vocabulary.

Learn to take notes

This will be an effective tool for listening, speaking, and writing skills in the test. It is also necessary later if you want to study at universities that use English as the language of instruction.

In the auditions that use listening skills, candidates may only listen to the video only once. Students then need to answer questions about what they heard (the listening part), talk about what they heard (the speaking part), or write about what they heard (the written part). Therefore you will need to take a lot of notes.

Ensure standard and clear pronunciation

For the speaking part, it is perfectly normal for candidates to have a specific intonation (English, American, Australian). Your pronunciation is not necessarily perfect, but at least it needs to be clear and easy to understand.

The three evaluation criteria in the section speak:

- How candidates answer questions and satisfy requests.
- Grammar and vocabulary to use.
- Depending on how well the grader will understand the candidate.

This is where the instructor's role begins to grow, because you cannot assess your own level, and offer solutions to improve your limitations. yourself.

During the practice of speaking skills alone, record your voice. Most current computer models support recording software. There are two reasons why recording your voice will be extremely important:

- You can hear your voice when speaking, pronunciation and somewhat evaluate your overall ability.
- Familiarize yourself with the performance of the speaking test on the computer. Candidates will certainly feel very strange if they have not talked to the computer alone.

Familiarize yourself with the QWERTY keyboard

The final part of the TOEFL test is the writing section. Candidates will use a QWERTY keyboard to do papers on the computer. This is the standard for every North American keyboard (called the QWERTY keyboard because the leading of the letters from the left begins with the letters QWERTY).

Practice, familiarize yourself with the QWERTY keyboard as soon as possible. You need to be really familiar with the position of the letters, the capitalization, and the position of the punctuation. And do not forget to learn how to type quickly.

Learn how to write an essay in English

The final part of the TOEFL test is the writing section. There are 2 main sections in this section. In the final and final test of the TOEFL test, is a 300-word essay within 30 minutes.

Each English essay has a unique structure. This structure will be very different from the structures in standard Vietnamese essays. The following is an example of the structure of a standard English essay:

- Introduction: The first paragraph introduces your article, introduces readers to the comments, and what you are about to mention in the essay.

Body: The body of the article consists of 2-3 paragraphs that help to clarify your original ideas and points of view.

Conclusion: The final paragraph summarizes the essay.

Knowing the traditional English method of essay helps students with every part of the TOEFL test. For example, once you know that a paragraph is about an idea or point of view, you can understand the content and structure of the Reading sections. In addition, candidates need to clearly express their opinions and supplement them with specific and specific evidences in the Speaking section.

Practice with high intensity

Candidates are always trying to find tips or tricks to help them achieve the best score for the TOEFL test. Once you are familiar with the TOEFL test, the only thing you need to do to reach that goal is to practice with high intensity.

You should try to take the test 1-2 times while electronic devices such as radios and televisions are still on. The reason for this is that there will be a lot of distractions at the official TOEFL test site. Imagine doing the listening part and the next candidate is preparing to start her part. You are trying to focus as hard on reading as you can, while the next person is struggling and calling for some assistance with her computer. Everything can happen, so be prepared.

Learn to relax

TOEFL is a very stressful test for any candidate. Learning how to stay calm and relaxed at the right time during the test will greatly contribute to the TOEFL test results.

Take the test at least 2 times or more

Candidates usually do not achieve the expected score on the first time taking the TOEFL test. But no one will know what your TOEFL score is if you do not speak out. The university you intend to apply for will not know whether you took the TOEFL test once or 10 times. They will only know and care about the number of points you give. Therefore, achieving the desired score at the first attempt will not be too serious a problem. Please continue to register and review for the next official exam if necessary.

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