10 books that allow you to travel the world from your bedroom

Writing good travel, whether fiction or nonfiction, will take you away from the mundaneities of everyday life, allowing you to go to places you've always dreamed of seeing, or deepening. Your connection to the beloved destinations. In a time when most of us are at home to stay safe, canceled travel plans are bringing much frustration for a tiring time.

But don't fret! In honor of World Book Day and Copyright Day 2020, on April 23, we've collected ten best travel books that allow you to explore the world from the comfort of your own home.

On the way of Jack Kerouac

The story of the classic road trip, On the Road is considered the defining novel of the Beat generation. Taking place between 1947 and 1950, On the Road is a loose autobiography based on Kerouac's experience of traveling across America, from New York to San Francisco, with his friends. Expect sex, drugs and rock music, or jazz jazz poetry, but it is also an insight into the pioneering frontier spirit that shaped the United States.

A trilogy of works by Gerald Durrell

Although not seriously traveling literature, because most of the trio takes place on the small island of Greece, Greece, the memoirs of the thermal naturalist Gerald Durrell, raised with the eccentric English family His north island will take you back to Greece in the 1930s. Durrell, Sala's love for nature is united by the sheer chaos of his family life - so the title of First book in the series, My Family and other animals. If you can get enough of Sala, The Durrell, on Netflix, is loosely adapted from these memoirs.

Travel art of Alain de B Bong

Travel art is less of a classic travel and more than a philosophical treatise on the nature of travel, exploring why we travel and how it can enrich the lives of we. He focuses a lot on the mundane moments of travel like the airport and the hotel minibar like he does on romantic trips and vacations, making you see the travel process in a complete light. new.

Beach of Alex Wreath

If you have a canceled trip to Thailand this year, The Beach could be the perfect antidote. At first, the beach of the same name was like a paradise island of golden sand and clear water; A utopia for residents, the former backpackers, to lead a simple life uninterrupted by the outside world. But all is not as it seems, when protagonist Richard soon discovered Jars

Walk on the Himalayas from the wooden Levison

Levison Wood is a Real-life Actor: formerly a major in the British Army, he is now an adventurer traveling to areas of the world that are often uninhabited, due to instability. political or inaccessible geography. Walking the Himalayas to see Wood is just doing, traveling 1,700 miles, mostly on foot, from Afghanistan to Bhutan. Perfect for aspiring adventurers - or armchair explorer.

In a sunburned country by Bill Bryson

Bill Bryson is the legend for his travel writing, combining humor with real curiosity about the world. In a sunburned nation, Bryson sees traveling around Australia, a perennial favorite of backpackers. Bryson rushed across the country, saw him meeting friendly locals, visiting natural wonders like Uluru and trying to get to the bottom of the question - why so many creatures in Australia can kill friend?!

Totally Tilted: Ireland arrives in India by Dervla Murphy's bicycle

Very few travel writers are suitable for Irish touring cyclist Dervla Murphy, now in the late 80s, who have published 26 travel books in a 50-year career. Tilt Full: Ireland to India With a Bike is her first book, published in 1965, and a complete pleasure to read, if only for a young woman traveling around the world alone. on the bike, with only 0.25 pistols for the company.

Venice of Jan Morris

Venice is often criticized as a classic travel trap, with countless spectators pouring out of cruise ships daily. It is sometimes easy to forget that there is a reason it is so visited - that is, quite simply, magnificent. First written in 1960 (with subsequent updates in the 70s and 80s), Morris aims to capture the soul of Venice in a little travel guide book and more than a portrait of A city that never fails and surprises.

The consolation of the forest of Sylvain Tesson

First published in French as Dans les forêts de Sibérie, The Consolations of the Forest is the travel writer Sylvain Tesson since he decided to realize his lifelong dream of living alone in a bungalow on the shore. Lake Siberia restored Lake Baikal in six months. While reading a book about living in isolation when you really are isolated seems not quite fascinating, Tesson's thoughts about the natural world and the joys (as well as the sadness) of a life being cut off from the outside world is now more relevant than ever.

Around the world in 80 trains of Monisha Rajesh

For some true escapists, you can do much better than Monisha Rajesh, Round the World in 80 trains. Rajesh (and her fiancé, Jem) pack their bags and travel 45,000 miles around the world, from St Pancras Station in London to remote destinations including Russia, North Korea, Canada and beyond again. With most of their journeys taking place on trains, the book also talks a lot about the journey as a destination, giving real insight into what it means to be a global citizen.

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