1. VoiceTube
The name tell everythings. This is one of the great apps for learning English. This software has many short clips with translators to help you improve from basic to advanced level.
This App also has a nice feature that allows you to save learned vocabulary into a collection, so in the long run, you will have a treasure of vocabulary.

2. Spotlight
Spotlight provides news listening with a standard and slow voice, so it's easy to listen to. Each lesson has a moderate length so it is suitable for daily practice. There will be 7 updated songs every week so please rest assured to practice.

3. TED Edu
It is an academic app that specializes in seminars in various fields organized by celebrities around the world. Therefore, Ted Edu is a good app for those who want to hone their listening skills with famous speeches. This software has a function of adjusting the speed of reading and repeating each sentence so listening to English will be easier.

4. BBC Learning English
Developed by the British Council, BBC Learning English is an interactive application designed to improve English communication skills. Presenting quite understandably with many listening articles about the economic field, this app will surely be one of the listening tips not to be missed.

5. Talk English
This App has over 200 English lessons from beginner to advanced, including vocabulary tests, conversation practice and audio recording to track individual progress. Those who want to improve their voice, do not ignore it.

6. MyWordBook 2
Get the vocabulary from the Cambridge University dictionary, this is an app that helps you learn vocabulary through Flashcard quite well. Just have easy-to-understand images, and even the correct pronunciation is nothing.

7. Hello English
With over 25 million downloads, this hot level of her is not medium. This App has more than 475 free lessons, content about conversations in English. You will not be bored with how to learn English through games and daily practice exercises.

8. ABA English With Films
One of the mistakes when you practice listening to subtitles is that you rarely listen to what people say and use your eyes to read the sub, so if you practice reflexes when listening, this app will be one of wise choices.

9. Learn English Kids
Although it is an application of the British Council for children, but for those of you who start practicing to hear from the number 0, it is really useful.

10. Two min English
Finally, Two min English besides providing video content on business topics, this app also includes introductory vocabulary, verb phrases and idioms. In this way, learners can train their listening skills in addition to their knowledge of grammar.

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